Monday, January 23, 2012


mostly just this

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

in the end only kindness matters

i think there is a ghost in my house. when i'm in my basement there are these two specific spots where the floor sounds like footsteps. maybe it's just my dad going from the tv to the fridge. that's what i thought too, until i figured out he was actually asleep in his room. so i don't know. we almost got a ouija board on halloween but then i remembered i'm a huge scaredy cat right now. also wal mart didn't have one because they don't have anything. sometimes i get on online ouija boards at work. but one time someone turned the lights off while me and my cousin were doing it and it was scary. my whole scaredy cat phase started when i went with gavin and soren to that dumb "haunted" house in benjamin that 16 year olds go to when boys want to show off and girls want to hold boys hands. i missed thatboat so i went instead when i was 20 with two gay friends. anyway, they forced me to go inside so we were walking around and dumb fake things were on the walls so i was like this is dumb then i looked behind me and saw this ghost lady in a white nightgown leaning against the door and i screamed my whole life out and then i cried so we left. whether or not that's what i really saw is pretty debatable. but ever since then i'm legitimately scared of the dark. i try to sleep with my lamp on but then the lightbulb starts flickering. why are bathrooms so scary? because of those countless scary movie scenes with faces in the mirror like after you wash your face or shut your mirror? probably because if someone was waiting for you outside they would just push you back in and you would be cornered and they'd smash your head over your toilet and drown you in your sink or something. i've never been paranoid or scared of that sort of thing. i used to drive to topaz mountain by myself at night. i wonder when i will stop being scared. maybe i shouldn't go to topaz mountain by myself anymore… but i could probably still go to the ruins by myself, in the day, with my bb gun and switchblade. have you ever seen the show "deadly women"? it's outta control. there was this lady on there and she killed the lady whose house she cleaned, and then she cooked her down to lard, and she SOLD IT TO PEOPLE AT THE PUB an she TOLD THEM IT WAS PIG LARD and they ATE IT. what the hell. why are people so crazy? and also, why are people mean? i don't get it. like, be nice. what is so hard about being nice? occasional brattiness is understandable, and acceptable. but not one good thing comes from being mean. i used to be pretty mean. like a total bully actually. i'm pretty ashamed of some of things, i really wouldn't be surprised if i was on a few hit lists. one new years i made a resolution to be nice. i think i have done pretty well with it. it really is crazy how much impact you can have on people, and you get the choice of whether it's going to be good or bad. i think genuine kindness is such an amazing quality. gavin got me addicted to farkle again. i should probably go to bed. what. just listen to the song "hands" by jewel. you could even watch the music video where she saves people from a building.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


i ate a weird thing. i boiled some water, and i put an egg in it. then i put ramen in it, which was shrimp ramen. i think i saw them make it on ponyo once. my stomach feels weird though so i'm not sure if i will try it again.

i tried to log in to my blog a couple times, but it wouldn't let me, but i guess it will now.

like when i saw the movie the help for the first time and my brain was like pumping out thought after thought after thought and i was like i will write a blog about it, but then i ran out of gas because apparently my gas light is busted. so i had to walk home in the rain. basically i just wanted to tell people to be nice. i used to think that nice people were only nice because they were too afraid to be mean. but i've come to realize that mean people suck. maybe i will talk more about it later, i'm not really feelin it right now. i'm just feeling this weird egg and noodle stuff.

gavin and soren went to the bahamas this week. i could've gone but i basically have like ten dollars. or maybe they just told me i could come cause they knew i only have like ten dollars and wouldn't be able to. i'm not sure. but either way i still hate that there's snow on my grass, and they are riding boats to places with pink sand called rose island.

screw that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i feel like blogging is getting outdated. or i at least feel like my blog itself is outdated. look at it, it's pretty ugly. and why is it still called the wolf pack? i don't know. i just went to make a tweet but it was way too long so i figured i could just blog it. mostly it's about harry potter. because this is the week. and i realized that today. and i freaked out. and i realized that it's a good thing i'm going to be gone all week, cause all anyone would ever hear from me would be harry potter infused and they would probably start getting upset with me. and then, when i get back into the world do you know what will be waiting for me? harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. i can't even comprehend it. anyway i thought this would be more fun but it's not so later haters

Monday, May 16, 2011

love me some john locke

this made me laugh so freaking hard. locke is the man. and a straight up doofus

Sunday, May 15, 2011

kittens save lives.

i've wanted to blog all weekend. i've written out like ten post in my head. but now that i'm actually doing it i can't remember all that i've wanted to say. kinda like when you're all wanting to bear your testimony and you go over things in your head and then you get up and you're like wait.. i'm up here? i know that like half the people that go up open with lines like that, but does anyone ever say things like actually i forgot what i was going to say, and sit back down? can you even do that? i feel like you'd get in trouble. like someone would come get you and be like you actually can't do that, you have to go back up. maybe that's why no one does it. or maybe no one does it because people aren't generally as weird as i think they are. someone try it.

my mom just called down "anna, bring the kitten up dad's playing with an imaginary one." i don't really know what that means, but i'm gonna go check it out. maybe i'll be back.

screw mcdonalds. my dad made me go get him a treat so i went to mcdonalds to get one of those new frozen lemonades they're always screaming about. then they were like actually you can't have one cause we are out. so i was like ok can i have a snack size mcflurry and they were like yeah i guess so. then i gave them a twenty, and they gave me change for a ten. so that sort of sucked because i didn't notice until i got home. and all this mcflurry is, is oreo dust sprinkled on a tiny cup of soft serve. and it sucks.

so i was supposed to go camping this weekend with my friends at a place called crawdad canyon just outside of st george. seriously sounds like my kind of place, crawdad canyon? yeah. so then my period was creeping up on my and i tried to take birth control to stop it but then melissa was like you will actually die if you do that and i will tell my mom and ali on you so then i stopped but it didn't matter because i was too late in taking it anyway. so i decided not to go and was pretty distraught about it. but the upside was i got to babysit this kitten all weekend. oh yeah. about this kitten. it's sort of like the sisterhood of the traveling kitten. we were at the sketchy allens in provo getting jesus candles because they have like a whole aisle full of them which doesn't make sense but it's awesome. then we came out and these people were like can you please take this kitten so duncan called his mom and was like i'm bringing this kitten home and she said no but he did anyway. and now it just takes turns between my house and cyd's house. and i have no idea how we still have it, but we do and he is so sweet but the is also the devil. you should see my hands, they are torn up. but i freaking love him, he kept me from losing my mind this weekend. seriously. i didn't leave my house. my mom even told their waiter that he should go out with me so i don't play with cats all weekend. thanks mom. and ali was on gchat but she would never talk to me. we watched a bunch of movies such as: teen wolf, the craigslist killer, justice for natalie holloway, (lifetime movies, obviously) kick ass, and this awesome 90's movie called airborn. it was basically a mix of DCOM (disney channel original movie) johnny tsunami and brink. you know it sounds awesome. there's this rollerblade race that seriously blows the one in brink out of the water. it's on netflix.

the other night i was looking at summer camp counselor jobs because i think that i would make an ideal camp counselor. i emailed some places, and they emailed me back. then i started getting crazy and found a bunch of jobs at this KOA lodge by mt rushmore. the description sounded awesome, so i tried to email them but then gmail was all this is actually not a real email address. so i don't know what the deal is, but i really want to be a water slide attendant there. maybe i'll call them.

i don't have anything else to say really, this is already too long. i'm glad the jarman's made it to NC, it was touch and go there for a minute.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i feel like today was a pretty well balanced day. i stayed at work until 6 because i felt like it, that never happens. i went to taco amigo with gav for lunch. best. i informed the bank about my lost debit card. i did the dishes and i did my laundry. i curled my hair even though i didn't go anywhere. i made a playlist called "run bitch" and i ran. it consists of no doubt and nicki minaj and it rocks. i hate running. my take on it was i'll run if i'm being chased. but i'm forcing myself to love it cause everyone is always raving about it. so maybe i'll get there one day. plus when "roman's revenge" comes on and eminem starts screaming i feel like he's chasing me so i run faster. i'm pretty excited for nicki's superbass music video to come out tomorrow. that's one of my favorite songs of hers. even though she gets pretty raunchy sometimes she's still like seriously the best and i wish i was going to see her and britney this summer. i read some. i ate a banana. i watched part of pretty in pink. 80's movies are the best. maybe i'll even get to bed at a decent hour. or maybe i'll stay up and do more awesome things. who knows. i feel good about today, and i just feel good in general. this whole endorphin business is no joke. and tomorrow i'm going to eat a donut.